Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Internet Group Anonymous Files Bar Complaint Against Barack Hussein Obama
Issued By: Anonymous
Jul 23, 2008 08:11:12

(Press Release) – Jul 23, 2008 – CHICAGO, Illinois - Anonymous
announced that they have filed a complaint with the Illinois Attorney
Registration and Disciplinary Commission requesting an investigation
into false statements and misrepresentations Barack Hussein Obama made
on his own bar application. The group cited information, which if
true, would be grounds for disbarment. Anonymous accuses Mr. Obama of
using illegal drugs and then concealing his drug use by lying about it
on his bar application. Either action could be an independent basis
for disciplinary action against the Presidential nominee. The group
claims that an investigation would identify facts that demonstrate
Obama has engaged in conduct which brings the courts or the legal
profession into disrepute, engaged in conduct prejudicial to the
administration of justice, and engaged in conduct involving
dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation.

Anonymous' complaint alleges that by consuming illegal drugs Obama was
violating New York Penal Law Sec. 220.06, which criminalizes cocaine
use.[1] If proven, that level of drug use is a felony. Commission of
such a criminal act is ethically prohibited as it reflects adversely
on the lawyer's fitness to practice law. See Rule 8.4(a)(3). The
complaint further alleges that Obama engaged in multiple violations of
Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct ("Rules"), including Rule 8.1
which prohibits lawyers from making a statement of material fact in
connection with a bar application that the applicant knows to be
false; Rule 8.4(a)(4) which prohibits lawyers from engaging in conduct
involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation; Rule
8.4(a)(5) which bars lawyers from participating in conduct prejudicial
to the administration of justice; and Supreme Court Rule 771 which
prohibits lawyers from engaging in conduct which brings the courts or
the legal profession into disrepute.

The complaint also alleges that Obama had an obligation to report
unpaid criminal citations, including parking violations where the
fines totaled more than $200.00 or remained unpaid.[2][3] Anonymous
stated, "Instead of accepting responsibility and paying them off at
the time he was asking to be a lawyer, he failed to disclose a single
civil citation and or pay a penny in fines. About a decade later he
finally paid, but only after adverse media reports forced his hand."
If the factual allegations are determined to be true, then knowledge
of his repeated violations when understood in conjunction with the
plain language his bar application requesting disclosure of such
violations would be a basis for the bar to find that Mr. Obama
answered deceptively. This conduct would therefore constitute
intentional misconduct.

Anonymous stated, "Obama himself has admitted illegal drug use prior
to his bar application. Failing to disclose that on his bar
application is enough to require the Illinois State Bar to investigate
this matter." Anonymous continued, "Violations of the bar rules can
lead to disbarment. The Illinois State Bar Association should
investigate the matter without delay, as the American people are
entitled to know if Obama, who promises to act ethically as President,
has in fact acted unethically as a lawyer." "No further evidence is
needed to prove a presidential candidate unfit for office than for
Obama to lose his bar license."


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About Anonymous:

The self-styled Anonymous (used as a mass noun) is a name adopted
within various quarters of internet culture to represent the actions
of internet users acting anonymously toward a given agenda. In this
sense, Anonymous is "all of us, yet none of us". Anonymous is a
collective composed of many Internet users, combined under one name.

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NYTimes Junkie said...

HAHAHAHA! Good luck with that one! You going to ask him about his 'phony' birth certificate next? What a waste of time and resources. Something tells me that complaint is going in the circular file, after being passed around the office and laughed at.

vrajavala said...

You know people are getting so sick of this guy. I have done an analysis which suggests that he has narcissistic personality syndrome
Barack Obama's narcissistic personality disorder

RReeds said...

Barack Obama has got the media paid off to report only what makes him look good to the voters. He is all about making himself look good to the public.He has got the middle class bamboozled thinking that he cares about their well being.He does not care about helping our great country get back on its feet.His goal is for the government to control your lives.He wants to be dictator over the United States. What a fake controlling leader that has put our country in big time debt. He needs to be tried for all his dishonest cover ups like Fast and Furious.Ever since he got in office there have been dishonest acts after dishonest acts.Eric Holder should have been fired and been prosecuted for covering up what he knew about the two Border Guards that got killed with the same guns the Justice Department supplied to the Mexican Cartel.